Good SEO is all about having good content and presenting it clearly. Our straight-forward approach to SEO will make sure your small business website is an attractive option the next time a new customer is searching online.

How we approach SEO

Our straight-forward approach to SEO is designed to make your small business an attractive choice for new customers and search engines. We focus on accessibility, speed, and high-quality content to elevate your online presence.

Where to start

Getting an understanding of where you’re at today is the best place to start. A SEO audit of your existing search ranking, keywords and site traffic is our recommended first step.

We make use of industry leading SEO tools to analyze your website, its rankings and uncover any potential issues.

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SEO Audit


The first step to improving your standing online is to get a clear picture of where you’re at today. And even more importantly, a clear picture of where your competition is at. Our SEO Audit is specifically designed for that purpose.

Get a detailed analysis of your website and your business’ search landscape. Learn what areas you should be focusing on to grow your business then select the options that work best for you.

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Get a clear picture of your search landscape.

What’s included

Keyword review

What keywords are optimal for your business? What are your customers searching for? The most popular choices aren’t always the best value.


Competitive analysis

How does your competition stack up? What areas have low hanging fruit? Knowing your search competition is half the battle.


Speed review

Does your site test your visitors’ patience? Loading quickly is essential for your customers and for search engines. Making your site speedy is a quick way to boost your rankings.


Security and error review

Has your site been hacked or are there missing pages? Fixing technical issues makes your site more trustworthy and provides a better user experience.

Content review

Does your site have the types of content your customers are looking for? It’s important your content is unique and covers key areas of your business.


Search engine accessibility review

Is your site structured in a way search engines can understand? Making sure your site has the correct markup and meta data is key.


Domain review

How much authority does your domain have? It’s standing with search engines can have a dramatic effect on your sites overall ranking.

SEO Services

$500 – $3,000

We specialize in SEO services that are proven to boost search rankings. By understanding your business’s industry and website’s construction, we’re able to make adjustments where needed to maximize your business’s search visiblity.

Only pay for what you need

There is no one-size-fits-all solution for SEO. Working together we can identify the SEO areas that will pay off the most for your small business. Take advantage of our focused approach to get the most boost for your buck.



Faster load times

Search engines score your site based on how quickly it appears. Make sure you’re getting a good grade.


Improved discoverablity

Make sure your site is easy to find by customers and search engines. Having a clear site hierarchy and using proper markup are essential.

Mobile display optimizations

Over half of all Google searches (61%) take place on a mobile device. (Statista) So it’s important to make sure your site provides a great mobile experience.

Keyword research

Using the right keywords can have a profound effect on attracting the customers you’re looking for. For instance, a small turn of phrase or narrowing of focus can have a significant impact on your rankings.


Content creation

Keeping your site up to date and fresh is vital to remaining relevant. Take advantage of our professional writing services to speak to your audience in a clear, consise way.

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