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Rest easy knowing your site is secure, backed-up, and representing your business well.

Professional WordPress updates and backups

Keeping your site up and running smoothly is important for every small business. Unfortunately, that can be a complicated task. That’s why we created our Site Care service. It’s designed specifically for the needs of small businesses.

Site Care includes monhtly WordPress core, theme, and plugin updates as well as offsite backups of your entire site. Each update is reviewed, tested and installed by a professional.

Save yourself a headache by having your site maintained by a professional.

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What’s included

Core, plugin and theme updates

Installation of the latest security and feature updates on a monthly basis. Offline testing to ensure functionality and compatability with your site. Rollback to previous versions, if necessary.

Site backups

A monthly snapshot of your entire site, stored off-site to keep your data safe and secure. Don’t sweat it if a file gets accidentally overwritten – there’s always a backup. Get quick restores of the entire site and individual files.

Up-time monitoring

Continuous monitoring to ensure that your site is there for you and your customers. If an outage should occur, rest assured a trained professional will be looking into it.

On-going support

Two hours of additional technical support. Can be used for troubleshooting a bug, limiting website spam, web hosting support, or minor content updates. A $180 value.

Frequently asked questions

How important is site maintenance really?

Modern day websites are complex systems that are continuously updated and improved. New security vulnerabilities are discovered on an on-going basis. Site’s that aren’t updated become targets to hackers and often suffer from downtime, data theft, and viruses. Having to rebuild a site can often cost thousands of dollars and led to plenty of aggravation.

Thankfully, there’s a few best practices that can significantly limit the risk to your business. Keeping your site’s components up to date and tested for compatibility is an important part of that. Having an off-site backup can mean the difference between simply clicking restore and having to rebuild from scratch. So yes, it’s important.

Can I keep my site updated myself?

Yes, you certainly can. We’ll be glad to point you in the right direction and recommend tools for maintaining your site. Contact us for more details.

Why would I pay for Site Care then?

Good question. There’s two main reasons we offer the Site Care service:

The first is simply that modern websites are complicated systems. When issues arise, it helps to have an understanding of how the site operates to troubleshoot the problem in a timely fashion. That’s something we can help with.

The second reason is our overall approach to updates and security. Safety and reduancey are principles we live by. Not only do we understand the content of the updates, we understand the risks associated with installing them. Just because an update is available, doesn’t mean it will be compatable with your site. Let our decades of experience be your guide.

How often are updates performed?

Updates are run once per month. This includes a full site backup, core, theme and plugin updates. Typically this happens at the middle of each month.

Add-on our web hosting package for extra security and speed

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Our concierge service takes care of all the server account administration and notifications, so you don’t have to worry about it. Any issues are proactively resolved on your behalf.

What’s included

Site Care updates and backups every month

Concierge service to limit your distractions

High speed servers for quick page loads

SSL certificate for improved SEO

Business email addresses with spam filtering

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